Great Food and good company. A winning combination. Add to that a Super Sport Bar and you can't go wrong.

Tom Swirtz

THANK YOU! We always have such a wonderful time here because not only the food is great & the service is even better!!! It's nice to be able to go out and be treated so nicely & welcoming! It made our day - after a hard one! So thank you for everything!

The Wright Family


I've been going to The Great Mandarin for years on a regular basis.  They have the very tastiest food - whether it's a cheeseburger, the Triple
Grand Duke, the special wonton soup, the spectacular egg foo yung or fried rice - so it's hard to decide what to have!  The ingredients are fresh, the cooks are awesome, the wait staff is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, the bartenders are great, the portions are generous.  I enjoy going there for lunch, dinner or just appetizers at the bar to watch a game.

As a regular customer of The Great Mandarin for many years, I can attest to the excellence of their food, menu choices and service.  They use the freshest ingredients and the cooks are superb. They also have a wonderful bar staffed with friendly, fun bartenders and they have several televisions to watch all my favorite sports.

Betsy J.


"This is the one restaurant I go to every time I come back to Minnesota. I LOVE their lunch buffet-there is nothing like Minnesotan Chinese food."

Heidi C., from San Mateo, CA


I have been going to The Great Mandarin for twenty years because the food is of the highest quality. The service is wonderful. The atmosphere is great whether you are alone or with a group. I really like how the bar is gracefully separated and with video screens to view the latest sports events. My favorite dishes are Crispy Shrimp, Sesame Chicken, Triple Grand Duke and the Mandarin’s special fried rice. I recommend all of the appetizers. Put all of this together with great owners, Tony and Ha Truong, you have a wonderful food experience for lunch, dinner or having a drink.  When my friends and work associates come to the Twin Cities they always want to go to the Great Mandarin. I am happy to accommodate them.  

James Bray, Eden Prairie Resident